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Weight Management

Cody Clinic's weight loss program is an integrative program to maximize your ability to lose weight.  Our subscription provides counseling, diet recommendations, supplements as well as prescriptions to provide a comprehensive weight loss program.  No single diet is right for every individual and this program can be implemented with any diet.


The initial evaluation will include BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), body fat calculations, body measurements, diet recommendations, and an overall health evaluation as it pertains to weight loss.


This weight loss protocol uses a combination of:


-Naltrexone(low dose)- which enhances fat burning and weight loss, mental clarity, reduces feelings of hunger and curbs appetite. (Can not be used in conjunction with opioids)

-Sermolin-Stimulates the body's own growth hormone levels, aids in recovery from working out, and helps restore the body's natural sleep cycle.

-Lipotrim spray-assists in reduction of food cravings, aids in immune support, increases metabolism, improves energy, and mobilizes stored fat. 


A subscription will include weekly evaluations, which improves accountability and allows the provider to make adjustments as necessary.


Subscriptions are offered on a monthly, 6-month, or 1year term.


1 Month-$500

6 Month-$2500

1 Year-$4900


For an additional cost, additional supplements, injections, and IV therapy can be added onto subscriptions for an enhanced individualised program and to further aid in your weight loss journey.


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